We Choose to Constantly Iterate and Refactor. That Practice Makes Us   

Technology Frontrunners

Future-Ready Applications

We are a new age technology company that is driven by the changing dynamics of the business landscape. We work by challenging the conventional processes of building an application based on the “frozen-specs”.

Since, user behavior, organizational aspirations, communication channels and hence, the ways of working have undergone a paradigm shift, we have shaped up our processes, practices and culture to appreciate flexibility, iterations, and refactoring.
We have been proactive since our inception to be experimental with everything we design and build. We are always in the process of self-discovery with the permanent questions to us “Who are we?”, “What do we want to do”, “Who can rely on us and why”. These questions help us improve everyday.

Our clients leverage our capabilities to the optimum levels when they involve us in the viability tests at the idea stage of the product. We volunteer to be a part of that journey to ensure our clients make the right investment and get the highest return.



We deliver our best when we are involved with our clients right from the stage of testing out the product idea in the market. We are not confined to just the engineering part of a product. We hold your hands to success.



We have team of seasoned engineers trained in technologies and tools like Python, Go, ReactNative, React-JS, Android/iOS, Tensorflow, Keras, Gstreamer etc. Our teams specialize in finding new, faster and secure ways of building applications, and future-proofing them by assessing the risks.



In the age of disruption, no single product can sustain until it undergoes regular feature enhancements and upgrades to preempt the competitors in fulfilling user needs. We take end to end responsibility in helping our clients grow after the launch.

What we Do

We've been digital enablers for several businesses across Healthcare, BFSI, Marketing, FMCG & Media
       We serve Startups, Agencies as well as Enterprises  

SaaS Applications

We’re capable of building high-performing, scalable and custom applications for industries across the board and across platforms.

Deep Learning AI

This AI-based technology is revolutionizing customer experience delivered by B2C companies, especially, in the retail segment. We take this as a specialization.

Scalable Mobile Apps

We proficiently build native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile app development. Since this market is highly competitive, we ensure an eye for the top-selling features that could make the app successful.

Embedded Applications & IoT

In our lab based IoT development program we build embedded applications running on Edge computing and that can integrate with every kind of sensor operation.

UI/UX Elegance

We understand that creating a crisp user-friendly user experience is a balance of art and science. Taking that approach, the UI/UX we develop for dashboard, apps and IoT applications we build are minimal yet aesthetic.

Blockchain & Crypto

We are using blockchain in the sectors of real estate, finance, legal and others. We have already worked on virtual currency platforms that offers a new dimension to investments and growth.

Client Speak

What some of our clients have to say about us