Saas Applications

Product Development isn’t just confined to mechanically gathering the feature details and shaping them into a software. A successful product or a SaaS Application results from an expertise in user-centered design and development. 

Web Application Development

We build web and cloud-based applications that are highly secure and scalable. We leverage our capabilities in complex business logics and integration mechanisms.

Dashboard & Visualization

Our engineers specialize in creating automated Web Dashboard and Visualization tools with stellar user interfaces. These dashboards demand a smooth integration between the various layers for reporting, publishing and scheduling of the data.

Big Data & Analytics Tools

The world today produces enormous amount of data and hence, advanced analytics tools have a prominent business need now. We have extensive experience in building scalable big data cloud applications that handle a large volume of transactions with real-time processing in high concurrent user scenarios.

Industry-Specific Applications

Our engineers are seasoned in terms of building custom core e-Commerce applications, retail sales applications, telecom applications etc. which involved large data volumes.