Scalable Mobile Apps

There are over 178 billion apps currently running in the app stores. Yet, the demand for new apps continues. We understand the nuances of a successful mobile strategy and development. Our capabilities around Mobile App Development aren’t confined to just the engineering aspect. We walk an extra mile with our clients in testing viabilities and user experience metrics for apps, in addition to ensuring the factors of security and scalability in mobile apps.

Native & Hybrid Apps

Our experience in building scalable apps runs into several years. We have successfully built mobile apps on Android Studio, Kotlin, Swift and React Native platforms. Android Studio offers automation, dependency management, and customizable configurations. Kotlin empowers everyday tasks. Swift also allows to define function and React is about keeping front-end code modular and reusable. We bring the best of strategy and engineering to you here.

Enterprise Mobile Management

Since security is the biggest aspect in enterprise mobility, we lay special emphasis on and continue to refactor the code until we reach an unmatched level of excellence. Our apps are capable of restrict permissions, handling data access privileges. Some organizations prefer to control employees’ devices so the devices can be completely wiped out if they are misplaced. Other companies may focus only on the security of specific corporate apps. Some businesses may just be concerned about the data

Mobile User Experience

User experience in mobile apps is a differentiating factor. An app’s success is heavily governed by the UI and UX it delivers. Our design team is capable of creating inspiring user experience designs that have proven successful in terms improving retuning app downloads.